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Empower Hour:
 Thriving as a New OT or OTA Practitioner

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Empower Hour:
Thriving as a New OT or OTA Practitioner

The first Tuesday of every month
7pm (CDT) | 8pm (EDT)
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Welcome to the Empower Hour forum, exclusively created for occupational therapists (OTs) and occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) who are within their first 2 years of practice post NBCOT certification. Hosted by Kimberly Breeden, MS, OTR/L, and Niccole Rowe, BA, COTA/L, this forum aims to provide a supportive environment for new OT practitioners to thrive.

Feeling overwhelmed as a new OT practitioner is common, but here at Empower Hour, we're dedicated to helping you navigate the challenges of early professional development. There's no set agenda or script – just one hour of Kim and Niccole's undivided attention, providing you with valuable resources and guidance.

Join us in this safe space to connect, learn, and grow. The Empower Hour forum is exclusively available to Just for OT subscribers, ensuring you receive the tailored support you need to excel in your practice.

Hosted the first Tuesday of every month.

Presented by:
Niccole Rowe, BA, COTA/L
Kimberly Breeden, MS, OTR/L
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Join this discussion group will allow new OT practitioners to:
  • Connect with other new OT & OTA practitioners.
  • Ask specific questions to address their needs.
  • Gain support while applying knowledge to practice.

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Instructor bioS
photo of Kimberly Breeden
Kimberly Breeden, MS, OTR/L
Aspire OT Founding Partner

Kimberly Breeden, MS, OTR/L has 29 years of experience working in occupational therapy in a variety of settings. She is a certified life coach and has an extensive background in clinical program development, leadership, administration and reimbursement. Kimberly served as clinical lead for an outpatient occupational therapy pain program for 5 years.  . 


Financial: Kim is compensated as Founding Partners of Aspire OT.

Non Financial: Kim serves as Founding Partners of Aspire OT, which has partnerships and affiliations as noted on the Partner and Affiliation sections of the Aspire OT website.
Kimberly and Niccole, together, developed an outpatient occupational therapy pain program. They have authored two continuing education articles on the subject of chronic pain and opioid guidelines. Kim and Niccole were the co-authors of the AOTA official document "Occupational Therapy's Role in Treating Pain".  They have also served as contributing authors to an occupational therapy textbook on the subject of occupational therapy's role in pain management. Kim and Niccole were honored to be invited as the 2023 Distinguished Lecturers for the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse Occupational Therapy Program. They have traveled across the country serving as instructors for various courses on the subject of pain and non-pharmacological interventions for the treatment of pain. Niccole and Kim have successfully utilized coaching strategies in their practice and are excited to be able to share their experience with other occupational therapy practitioners. 
Photo of Niccole Rowe
Niccole Rowe, BA, COTA/L
Aspire OT Founding Partner

Niccole Rowe, BA, COTA/L found her way to occupational therapy through her first profession in television news producing. She is grateful one story lead to changing to such an amazing profession as occupational therapy. She is in her 10th year of clinical practice. She treated for 4.5 years at an outpatient occupational therapy pain program.
Financial: Niccole is compensated as a Founding Partner of Aspire OT.

Non Financial: Niccole serves as Founding Partners of Aspire OT, which has partnerships and affiliations as noted on the Partner and Affiliation sections of the Aspire OT website.
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