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Become an Aspire OT Instructor 

Share your experience, expertise, or information with other OT practitioners
Who should be an Aspire ot instructor?

Are you an OT or OTA who has: 

A clinical expertise?

Do you:
  • Have specialized training or information in a clinical or professional area of occupational therapy?
  • Find yourself being frequently asked to share your knowledge? 

Developed successful occupational therapy programs or initiatives

Do you have experience: 
  • Implementing a successful occupational therapy program or initiative?
  • Creating a new emerging trend occupational therapy program?

Found ways to be successful and fulfilled in your OT practice

Have you: 
  • Found ways to be fulfilled in your OT practice ?
  • Developed strategies that have improved your client outcomes?
  • Discovered ways to promote OT in your current setting or community?

A desire to share your expertise with other practitioners

Have you often thought that it would be great to: 
  • Develop a presentation for your organization or association?
  • Become an instructor for occupational therapy courses?
  • Write an article about your area of expertise?
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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be just what Aspire OT is looking for! 

Interested in becoming an instructor? 

The first step is to complete the form below. 
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There is no other profession just like occupational therapy, so why should courses for OTs and OTAs be created by other disciplines?  Aspire OT courses are created for OT practitioners by OT Practitioners! 

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