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Aspire OT provides live occupational therapy continuing education courses designed to meet your needs, budget, and schedule.

Upcoming Live Aspire OT Occupational Therapy Webinars


All  Aspire OT created webinars are included in our NEW subscription for just $69 per year! 

Upcoming Live State Association Occupational Therapy Webinars

Note: These webinars are NOT included in our Just for OT Subscription. 
They may be discounted for the state association members. Please see your association's information about how to obtain the discount.
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Book a Webinar

Schedule a webinar for your group or organization. We focus on listening to the learners’ needs and experiences while providing tools that can be used in OT practice.
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Aspire OT provides in-person live occupational therapy CEU courses where we focus on providing practical tools with interactive practice opportunities. OT practitioners will leave with specific strategies that can be used the next day at work. Stay tuned for a schedule of these live occupational therapy continuing education workshops coming this year.
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Check back soon for a schedule of our live in-person workshops.

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Calling all companies and groups!

Aspire OT can customize any of our Aspire OT courses for your company, group, or organization.
Contact us to schedule your private course today!
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2018 Terri Brittell OTA/OT Partnership Award

Aspire OT was founded by two occupational therapy practitioners, Kimberly Breeden and Niccole Rowe, who are nationally recognized for their efforts in improving occupational therapy treatment for pain.
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Created by OT practitioners JUST for  OT practitioners, our live occupational therapy continuing education services allow you to advance your skills and help your patients.

Choosing Aspire OT for your CE needs means you are supporting other OT and OTA instructors as well as our partner Occupational Therapy Associations.  


Aspire OT was created to provide exceptional evidence-based CEs at reasonable prices designed to meet the needs of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in everyday practice.
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State Association Partnership Program

Our State Association Partnership Program was developed as a solution to the challenges occupational therapy associations face in providing occupational therapy continuing education opportunities.
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Our Partners

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