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Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice

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AOTA Continuing Competency by State

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Aspire OT supports the efforts of other organizations to provide OT practitioners with valuable knowledge and tools to grow their practice.
Aspire OT is an affiliate of the CODE-CCDE Program to bring you this special offer.

Clinical Driver Evaluation Course for only $195

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Driving is a complex task that requires multiple physical and cognitive processes working in unison to perform. Age alone is not a determining factor in a person's ability to drive safely, but many older drivers can benefit from a comprehensive driving evaluation to identify and address any existing deficits. Unfortunately, there are several barriers that limit the availability of these beneficial evaluations to the growing population of older adults.
The CODE-CCDE program model uses a unique collaborative approach that falls within the spectrum of driver services. The spectrum of driver services was a collaborative effort by The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists and AOTA to define the language and models used in driving programs. The cornerstone of this approach is ongoing training and support of participating providers to ensure clinical driving evaluations are superior, rigorous, and follow established best practice guidelines.

Trained therapists in the CODE-CCDE program should be able to: 
  • Apply knowledge of medical conditions with implications to driving
  • Assess the cognitive, visual, perceptual, behavioral and physical limitations that may impact driving performance
  • Integrate the clinical findings with assessment of on-road performance
  • Synthesize client and caregiver needs and assist in decisions about available options
  • Coordinate with multidisciplinary providers to provide resources related to the needs of client.

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Transforming the way OT practitioners carry out their daily practice, Aspire OT is here to challenge the status quo and elevate your career. In the ever-evolving field of occupational therapy, it's crucial to prioritize constant improvement. Falling into the trap of stagnant treatment methods is easy as you gain experience, but Aspire OT breaks that cycle.

Our courses, designed by OT practitioners for OT practitioners, cover a vast array of topics. From cutting-edge treatment methods for all age groups to practice management and leadership, we've got it all. Embrace evidence-based practice  with our diverse collection of continuing education courses.

Aspire OT stands out for its commitment to offering a wide range of courses, with new ones regularly added.  Learning might seem challenging, but with Aspire OT, it's accessible. Our virtual sessions allow you to enhance your skills from anywhere.
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