Kimberly Breeden, MS, OTR/L, Coach & Founding Partner

OT Month and COVID-19: Practitioner Perspective

photo Kimberly Breeden, OT with mask on
I know that everywhere we turn right now we see or hear something reminding us of how much our lives have changed due to COVID-19. As OT practitioners we have all been impacted. For some who have been furloughed or laid off, the stress of a loss of income and uncertain employment overshadows the risk for exposure. For others, we carry the worry and burden of exposing ourselves, our families but also our clients. We have to weigh that with the knowledge that our services may very well reduce the risk of future exposure by reducing hospital admissions and re-admissions. We are essential, no doubt about it. It doesn’t matter if you are currently working or not, we all have to deal with the constant change and the many still unknowns. Let’s face it, we are tired.  We are worried, we are mentally drained. I know, I am there.  As I change my clothes in the garage every evening coming home after treating patients, I am reminded that everything is different and may never be the same.

But I am also encouraged. I see how resilient my fellow OT practitioners are, welcoming new technologies and ways to provide services through telehealth and other options. How so many OTs and OTAs have stepped up to the challenge of ensuring clients receive services they still need despite a worldwide pandemic.  How so many OT practitioners are leading the way to developing new strategies and making efforts to share them with others.  In so many ways I have thought that this year OT Month somehow didn’t seem as celebratory.  I have changed my mind, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my profession than to witness the exemplary acts demonstrated by my fellow practitioners all over the world.  I am proud to be in this profession.  Let’s keep supporting one another, keep pressing on in the pursuit of excellence for all those we serve, and most of all let’s not forget how powerful we can be.  

Let’s celebrate our profession, but most importantly let’s celebrate one another!

Kimberly Breeden, MS, OTR/L, Founding Partner
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Courageous Compassion: OT Practitioners' Discussion on the Emotional and Psychologial Impact of COVID-19 and the New Normal

This presentation from the Nebraska Occupational Therapy Association uses a panel discussion format to focus on two timely topics. The first discussion will focus on Nebraska OTs who have provided therapy services to individuals with COVID-19. The second discussion will focus on the increased potential for therapist burnout and address the emotional and psychological toll of being an occupational therapist during the pandemic.