School Based OT: A Glimpse into Handwriting

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School Based OT: A Glimpse into Handwriting

Self Paced Online Course
$20 | 1 Contact Hour

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This course will be talking about OT in the schools, more specifically addressing several aspects of handwriting. We will discuss ways to support your student during handwriting activities, activities that address different components of handwriting, and hopefully provide you with new resources that may help you grow the array of activities used to address handwriting. This presentation is not all inclusive as there are an abounding amount of ways to address handwriting in the schools that cannot be covered in an hour!

Target Audience: Occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, occupational therapy students

Presented by: Abbye Webber, COTA/L
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learning objectives
After this occupational therapy continuing education course, the learner will be able to:
  • identify 4 components of handwriting.
  • discuss resources and strategies to use with your students to grow their independence in the classroom.
  • recall 3 suggested activities that promote improved handwriting.

Completion Requirements
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In order to receive the certificate of completion, participants must meet ALL of the following criteria:
  • Complete payment or TNOTA membership log in for course enrollment
  • View course videos in entirety
  • Pass the course exam with a score of 80% or greater
Please note that no credit or certificate will be issued unless all criteria is met.  Partial credit will not be issued.  

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This occupational therapy continuing education course is being offered as part of Aspire OT's State Association Partnership Program. This course is free for TNOTA Members.