Help Guide:
Accessing Your Courses

Use the step-by-step directions below to access the courses you have enrolled in (including your subscription courses if you are a Just for OT subscriber)

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Step 1
Write your awesome label here.
On any Aspire OT webpage, locate the top header then find the first option: 
Sign In: See Step 1A
Me: See Step 1B
Note: If you are on a tablet or a phone, you may need to click on the three line symbol to reveal the header options:
Step 1A
Write your awesome label here.
Click on Sign In

You will now enter in your email and password. The email must be the original email you created your Aspire OT account with. If you forget your password, you can use the “Forgot your password” option (Highlighted in green in the image).

Once you click on Login, move to Step 2

Note: If you used one of the social media or Google buttons (circled in orange in the image) to originally create your account, you will need to use that button to sign in. It will not recognize your email address if you do type it in the space provided. You must use the button instead.
Step 1B
Write your awesome label here.
Hover over "Me" found in the header menu

A dropdown menu will appear. Click on "Profile"

Move to Step 2

Step 2
You will now be on a webpage that will show you all the courses you are currently enrolled in.

If you followed Step 1A
, you will scroll down to the third section called "My Courses"

If you followed Step 1B,
scroll down past any certificates you have earned to find the courses you are enrolled in.

Choose the course you want to access by clicking on it.
Step 3
Write your awesome label here.
You will now be on the course webpage.

Click continue learning

Step 4
Write your awesome label here.
You will now be inside the course and ready to learn!

You can use the previous and next buttons to navigate through the course. These are highlighted in orange in the image.

You can also use the menu on the left side to click on the course items you want to see. The menu is highlighted in green in the image.

Still need help? Email us at [email protected]. We are happy to help!