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Aspire OT believes that OTs, OTAs, & students deserve mental health continuing education courses specific to OT practice.

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Self-Paced Occupational Therapy Mental Health Courses

What OTs and OTAs are saying about these courses

"It was fascinating! I loved it! Very understandable and relatable. I feel like I can apply it in areas to most of my caseload even if the focus of care is not mental health related"

OT Course Participant for OT & Mental  Health: Applying the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework From a Lived Experience

"I found this course to be very good, informational wise and keeping my attention through out the presentation."

OT Course Participant for OT & Mental Health: Applying the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework From a Lived Experience

"I see many people who are being discharged from the hospital with prescriptions for these types of medications. I have never thought about educating patients or family members about these guidelines or assisting with any concerns they may have."

OTA Course Participant for OT and Opioid Guidelines

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are uniquely trained to address the mental health needs of individuals across all practice settings. 

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Mental health courses created JUST for OT! 

Created by OT practitioners for OT practitioners, our occupational therapy continuing education services allow you to advance your skills and help your clients meet their goals.

Choosing Aspire OT for your CE needs means you are supporting other OT and OTA instructors as well as our partner occupational therapy associations.  

Aspire OT was created to provide exceptional evidence-based CEs at reasonable prices designed to meet the needs of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in everyday practice.

Aspire OT is an AOTA Approved Provider and Approved Sponsor!

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