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Dec 28

Celebrating Milestones: Aspire OT's Remarkable Journey 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, Kim and Niccole at Aspire OT take a moment to express gratitude and reflect on the incredible achievements and experiences that have defined this remarkable year. From prestigious speaking engagements to expanding partnerships and launching innovative programs, here are the top six highlights that made 2023 a truly outstanding year for Aspire OT.

  1. Distinguished Lecturers at the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse: Kim and Niccole's recognition as the 2023 Distinguished Lecturers for the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse Occupational Therapy Program stands as a testament to their expertise in OT's role in treating pain. The trip to Wisconsin was a memorable experience, with the warmth and hospitality of the faculty and students leaving a lasting impression.

  2. AOTA Approved Sponsor for Vision 2023 Denver Conference: Aspire OT had the honor of being an AOTA Approved Sponsor for the international Vision 2023 Denver conference. This opportunity allowed the team to support OTs and OTAs in earning AOTA Approved CEs, fostering skill development in vision rehabilitation on a global scale.

  3. Presentation at the Kansas Occupational Therapy Annual Conference 2023: Invited to present at the Kansas Occupational Therapy Annual Conference, Kim and Niccole addressed the under-recognition of occupational therapy and shared insights on how practitioners can address this issue in their daily practice. The event provided a platform for exchanging experiences and building connections with fellow OT professionals.

  4. Recognition as a Belmont University Top 100 Alumni Entrepreneur: In December, Aspire OT was acknowledged as a 2023 Belmont University Top 100 Alumni Entrepreneur. The ceremony served as a moment of reflection and camaraderie, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven Aspire OT's success.

  5. Growth of the State Association Partnership Program: The Aspire OT State Association Partnership Program witnessed significant growth, with three additional states joining in 2023. This program plays a crucial role in supporting state associations to provide affordable benefits to their members, aligning with Aspire OT's mission to empower occupational therapy practitioners.

  6. Launch of the Just for OT Subscription: In November 2023, Aspire OT introduced the Just for OT subscription, a milestone that marked the expansion of the team to 18 instructors. The subscription has grown and at end of 2023 is offering 31 AOTA approved contact hours. Aspire OT hasn't stopped there, for 2024 they already have three new webinars and one new course scheduled for January and February, Aspire OT is on a trajectory of continuous growth and innovation with more courses in the works. 

Conclusion: As Kim and Niccole express their heartfelt thanks for the support received in 2023, they eagerly anticipate the promising ventures that 2024 holds. With a commitment to empowering occupational therapy practitioners, Aspire OT is poised for even more significant achievements and contributions to the field in the coming year. Stay tuned for exciting developments in February and March!

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