Sep 29 / Megan Doyle, MS, OTR/L, FPS, Cert-APHP, Instructor

Occupational Therapy Training for Pain?

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Check out our instructor Megan Doyle's answer when she was asked of OT practitioners need specialized training to effectively treat pain.

Megan's course "Addressing Acute Pain Through the Power of the Biopsychosocial Model" explains the biopsychosocial model of pain and how OT practitioner's can use their training to meet the needs of those with pain.
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Want more?

Aspire OT offers several occupational therapy pain management continuing education courses created JUST for OT!  

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Created by OT practitioners JUST for  OT practitioners, our occupational therapy continuing education services allow you to advance your skills and help your patients.

Choosing Aspire OT for your CE needs means you are supporting other OT and OTA instructors as well as our partner Occupational Therapy Associations.  


Aspire OT was created to provide exceptional evidence-based CEs at reasonable prices designed to meet the needs of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in everyday practice.

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Coaching, JUST for OT Practitioners Interested in
Pain Management

Are you an occupational therapist, occupational therapy assistant or student just starting to practice in pain management? Are you wondering where to begin to develop an occupational therapy pain management program?   
Aspire OT Coaching is here to help you.  Let Kim and Niccole share their experiences in pain management to help you be successful!